Reduced Chemicals | Clean Water

ProSep’s proprietary products are environmentally friendly allowing the global industry value chain to optimize efficiency while lowering chemical and water use and cleaning contaminated water streams.

Reduced Chemicals

ProSep’s patented high-efficiency mixers enable our clients to reduce chemical usage, save water, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue while reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Our high-efficiency mixers are applicable across the energy and basic industries including LNG.


Clean Water

ProSep’s proprietary water treatment technologies offer the best-in-class solutions to treat the most challenging effluent streams. Our technology solutions remove dispersed, emulsified/dissolved hydrocarbons, production chemical, and harmful soluble organics including BTEX, WSO, and PAHs from produced water, process water, and quench water streams while reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in the supply chain.


Industry Applications

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Industry Applications - Upstream - ProSep
Upstream Chemical and Water Solutions

Chemical expenditures reduced.
Water quality ensured.


With up to 60% chemical injection savings, ProSep’s patented injection / mixing technologies allow clients to reduce chemical use while optimizing process efficiency.


With a variety of tertiary water treatment technologies, ProSep can assist operators to reach and maintain a low levels of harmful contaminants in their discharge produced water streams.

Industry Applications - Upstream - ProSep

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Best In Class Inline Mixers and
Clean Water Technology

Novel injection mixing units can reduce chemical, wash water and energy
consumption by 30 - 60%. ProSep provides industry leading clean water technology
treatment, advancing the limits of what is possible.

Industry Impact

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Tired Of Seeing Red?

Using our high-efficiency mixing technology, ProSep customers
see an average annual reduction of 40% in chemical costs.